Media & Medical
We contribute to the growth of Intelligent surgical video research
by collecting and analyzing surgical videos and
converting them into valuable and meaningful data
which AI can learn and improve on them.
Discarded Medical Data
Discarded Medical Data
Why surgical videos?
The surgical videos that contains various areas of
surgical knowledge have high research values.
However, many hospitals’ surgical and endoscopy videos
are being disposed and/or neglected.
The extraction of meaningful surgical procedures
has its own value as basic data for AI analysis.
The extracted clips can be used in various areas
such as standard surgical procedure definition,
risk prediction on surgery, surgical skill evaluation.
AI analysis
To analyze meaningful clips
we collaborate with major hospitals in Korea
to develop artificial intelligence algorithms
to enhance the AI learning process for future applications.
Gachon University Gil Medical Center
Korea University Anam Hospital
Asan  Medical Center
Soon Chun Hyang University Hospital
Please contact for organizations or doctors who wish to collaborate.
Current Research Subject
  • Development of intelligent evaluation model for diagnosis and quality control of gastroenteric diseases
  • AI development for automatic recognition analysis of image data for diagnosis and treatment of digestive organs diseases
  • Development of intelligent surgery skill video data for stomach cancer surgery / cardiac surgery / Thyroid surgery
  • Detection and verification of deep learning-based lava location in colonoscopy
  • Development of an evaluation model for laparoscopic surgery through the recognition of Al surgery process
  • Development of deep learning-based prediction program for esophageal diseases by analysis of the endoscopic video of upper gastrointestinal tract
  • Establishment of intelligent database for difficulty-strength surgery in gynecology and urology
Train your own AI
Train your own AI
by uploading your medical videos and discover the specialized AI of yours!
The AI would advise you with the most effective surgical video and point out
what can be improved from the surgery.
AI based- Surgical video cloud platform
Surgstory – platform for individual doctors
provides various functions to effectively manage surgical videos.
Cloud service which allows you to upload and store the surgical videos.
Video analysis that extracts meaningful parts of surgical videos in the thumbnail form.
Saving meaningful clips by just looking at thumbnails
Creating your own video by our Web editor engine
Community where to share your videos with colleagues and use them for discussion in online.
(Video Archiving & Communication System)
SurgVACS, the comprehensive surgical video management solution
can store and analyze disposed/neglected medical videos
to convert into meaningful data that AI can be learned.
Videos taken in the operation room can be easily accessible in the clinic
through the HIS linked SurgVACS and can be utilized to create meaningful clips
by taking advantage of the key functions of SurgStory, included in SurgVACS.
Laurent KIM  CIEO
We provide solutions for doctors
to easily develop digital assets
from surgical knowledge and experience.
Laurent KIM CEO
Method for bleeding scanning
during operation using image
processing apparatus for
10-1175065 / Registered
Apparatus and method for
lossless image compression
10-1268588 / Registered
Automatic depth-of-field
control method for
stereoscopic display
10-0956453 / Registered
Method for processing image of
capsule endoscopy using image
characteristic analysis
10-0984395 / Registered
Calibrating method for
white balance
10-1075773 / Registered
Medical image processing
method and system using
event index
10-2017-0079008 / Registered
Multi-Media Surgical Record
Contents Creation Facilities and
10-2018-0133081 / Registered
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